Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Norton's Theatre for One

Norton's Theatre for One. Doesnt look like much here but wait till you see inside.

Norton's Theatre for One

The Kiosk, harking back to my days at the Odeon, Leeds, when I was an usharette, "king cones, kioras, butterkist..." I'd shout as I decended backwards down the centre isle, praying I wouldn't trip.
Roll up, roll up, buy your programmes, drinks and refreshments right here at the Norton's Theatre for One kiosk.

Norton's Theatre for One

the seating area

the chandellier

Procenium Front

Procenium Front - in Alhambresque

What's On?

a maquette of the stage

Little Red in Cockers Dale wood

This is me, playing 'A Touching Place' by John Bell, Iona Community. I played a version, and sang a version in the wood. Now i have to get to grips with 'Audacity' It will be the sound track while people view.

Cockers Dale wood, Tong

This is going to be the image the viewer will see on stage, built in clay.

Alhambra London 1850

This is the real Alhambra London, 'A triumph of frivolity'

Interior of San Damiano

This is the interior courtyard of San Damiano, in Assisi. St Clare and St Francis lived here. Its a bit Rachel Whiteread-ish. I sat in this space and it was so meditative and peaceful, I could almost feel the prayers of hundreds of years pressed into this shape - the shape of the interior cloister, which would have been enclosed at the time of St Clare (1290 ish).

felt Porziuncola

this is a felt version, 2 more to do

Porziuncola model

Like the real one this is a building within a building

Porziuncola model

Inside the big one

1:10, 1:20, 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320. Porziuncola

Here they are outside my studio. Very Russian Doll!


This is the real Porziuncola in Assisi. Why is it special?
  • some hermits built it in 350AD and relics of Our Lady were placed in it.
  • St Bennedict live there
  • St Francis recieved his vocation there in 1250ish
  • St Francis re built the chapel with his brothers
  • St Clare lived there
  • St Francis was buried under it - until he was moved